A more equitable, inclusive and anti-racist health care system is possible. 

We believe that it starts with health equity education and anti-racist tools for health care professionals to empower them to create meaningful change within the system.

The HEART Collaborative is a group of racialized interdisciplinary health professionals and Diversity, Inclusion & Equity educators that came together after identifying the need for a healthcare-specific anti-racism training in British Columbia.

Our work came about during the COVID-19 pandemic - one that disproportionately affects poor, migrant, and racialized people and uncovers longstanding anti-Indigenous and anti-Black racism in the health care system under the national spotlight. We believe that it is the time is now to take action in challenging racism, discrimination, and injustice in pursuit of health equity. 

We believe that an equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist health care system is possible in our province. And providing anti-racist and health equity training created for health professionals, by health professionals is a powerful first step towards this goal. 

We are excited to collaborate with you in creating an anti-racist and health equity training specifically tailored for your health care team. 

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